Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Keeping the Dream alive

Keeping the Dream Alive:
In 1990, with a calling on our lives and a dream in our hearts, my husband Roger and I left Ottawa for the mission field of Tijuana, Mexico. We sold everything we had and moved to San Diego, C.A. For 15 years, working as volunteers, we took food and clothing across the Mexican border to some of the poorest shanty towns of that city. From our very comfortable lives in Ottawa, owning our own Chartered Accountant firm, to helping the poor children of Mexico was a life changing experience. Nevertheless, these were also the happiest years of our lives.  Learning the language and the culture helped us bring the love of Jesus and the hope of the Gospel too many poor children. My precious husband passed away in March of 2008. A non-smoker, he fought a 2 ½ year courageous battle with lung cancer. He was the love of my life and my best friend. He was a man of strong faith. I miss him terribly. A few days before he died, I promised him was that I would continue the work we had started together and that I would make him proud. I have kept that promise. With the grace of God, I continue to answer God’s call on my life, honor Roger’s memory and live “our” dream.  I have a team of wonderful Mexican volunteers that we trained over the years. Together and on a daily basis, we continue to feed children and teach them the Word of God. I am very happy to have the opportunity to continue to help some of the poorest children in Tijuana. I am also very grateful to the Lord for my family’s love and understanding and to my friends and partners in ministry for their continued financial support to help me keep “our” DREAM ALIVE! 
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